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There are places where we have been travelling all our life but we are random passers.

These places will be remembered but never become our part of identity. On the other hand there are places where we live and these places, things and events enter so deeply into us, so deeply into our subconscious or consciousness that they become part of our identity.

Although they continue to exist independently without us, we are unimaginable without them. Different places keep different stories but my story is created by these places, belongings, and memories related to them. Whatever should I try to get out of this event, it will always be related to a certain reality. Our attachment to a particular place or thing is impossible without the people with whom we are communicating at the same time. But sometimes the abandoned items and places on the photos may be more telling us than the people themselves.

Such items and related memories are radically different to everyone. In this book, space end items are my memory box, in which each part of the memo is active. In the whole, this is the puzzle that is assembled by each of us in our life alone.

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