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Isolation and loneliness, in fact, these feelings also persist this year. No one knows what kind of impact will fear, panic and uncertainty have on our inner peace and our future.


This series is a reflection of these feelings. You can be alone anywhere in the world and loneliness can arise even in a room full of people. In this particular instance, the room is my town, my house, my room. Places share my feeling of loneliness, and the people that live here are like ghosts, who have lost contact with the outside world. It seems like everything is finding its way inside our deepest places and humans are merged with the city to create one big organism because there is nowhere else to go or run.


When action is limited, thinking, recalling, observing nature and self-reflecting becomes a tied process, in which the time doesn’t have big importance, but the place where we are is essential. This is not just a city or a house or a room, this is a big energy field with people closed up in themselves, a big scene, where the invisible contact of humans and objects acquires special emotionality, where there is no need to control feelings and we get closer to our inner selves.

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